Making flights pleasant

Flights can be daunting for some- long queues, stringent checks; not quite something one would look forward to when travelling. Making flights pleasant has always been the aim of Singapore’s Changi Airport, and also the reason why it has won many accolades and awards. The new Terminal 4 is a testament to that strong dedication.

Bold stripes and airy skylights are reminiscent of the previous terminals yet with the new thematic element, it feels contemporary and current. The use of the petal-like shapes complimented with lush greeneries throughout the terminal creates a softer finish, a warm welcome to those eager to embark on their journeys.

Facing the increased complexities of air travel, airports need to be experientially different. With Terminal 4, Changi Airport expresses yet another possibility in making expeditions joyous again. 

How the new National Gallery of Singapore satisfies our need for #luxe architecture

What are the stairs for?

When the City Hall was due to be demolished to make way for an art museum, there was a lot of excitement and speculation as to how beautiful the new building was going to be.

The project particularly had a large volume of reconstruction work using materials that can co-exist with the existing features. Therefore, it required firms who were experts in the field. The French architecture firm, StudioMilou, partnered with CPG Consultants to be the appointed architects for the rebuild of National Gallery. Located just opposite the Padang, this conservation project was slated to be one of the biggest architectural projects in 2015.

Beautiful, gorgeous and stunning were some of the various words used to describe the National Gallery when it first opened in November 2015. Ever since the gallery is filled with the crowd at special events. The luxurious marble floors, paired with high-end restaurants, the National Gallery can pass off as an extension to the 5-star hotel.

Interesting to see, how a historically significant place built for the people has transformed into a posh gallery space. Time and time again, we turn to starchitects to satisfy our need for pretty places to fill our Instagram feeds.

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