Soon Star Kitchenware: Re-brand

The Ask

In 2018, brands were getting trendier and ever more flashy, flaunting new tech and new toys every minute. How can Soon Star Kitchenware discern itself from being just another supplier?

The Reality

Soon Star Kitchenware has risen up to be one of the largest supplier for kitchenware supplies and equipment and is now in a comfortable spot. As other mega competitors start to engage into different strategies to stay relevant, it is time for Soon Star Kitchenware to prepare itself to take on the new adventure. They also had a significant amount of catalogues that were left over from the very first print.

The Work

After studying the brand and their positioning in the Singapore market, we proposed a design that would root the company today but also spur them on to look to the future. The careful use of both traditional and modern shapes represent this balance that the company believes in, of looking forward with their foot rooted to the ground and the colours represent the maturity and consideration that Soon Star Kitchenware aims to be.