A date with nostalgia

Since the 1800s, the Sarkies Brothers, or some may know them as SB from the insignia imprinted on antiques, have presented to the world the concept of luxury hotels.

Having seen the two World Wars, Eastern & Oriental Penang, previously known as “The Premier Hotel East of Suez”, stood strong against the test of time, boasting a long line of satisfied patrons; the list includes visionary entertainer, Charlie Chaplin, Hollywood royalty, Douglas Fairbanks and Nobel Prize winner, Rudyard Kipling.

A stay in their suite is no ordinary affair; it is a hotel, yet it is familiar, you have to check in, yet it feels like coming back home. Tailored to meet each of its patrons’ needs, the impeccable service rendered feels extensive but not forceful. That delicate care and consideration are what sets this classic establishment apart from its shiny, posh and younger competitors.

As we go along to submit to the new and exciting, we tend to negate our rich past, our colourful history. Take a break, and make a date, with nostalgia.