What makes a good office?

Closed up, grid offices are a thing of the past, open offices with exciting breakout spaces are the next big thing. With companies now pouring a large portion of their business development budget into office design, it is obvious that culture-oriented company, Facebook, is leading the pack with its 8 storey office, taking up a big chunk of the newly built South Beach Tower. Here is what it takes to keep your employees in the office:

1. Micro-kitchens at every level

Fully stocked and ready for maximum consumption

Fully stocked and ready for maximum consumption

2. Natural finishes for comfort

Despite the posh location, the use of natural materials takes you back to the comfort of a home


3. Large windows with spectacular views

Invest in a location with good views, it goes a long way in keeping the team looking far ahead


4. Informal gathering spots for casual meetings

With breakout spaces popping up at every corner, employees are encouraged to work at their own comfort level


5. Meeting rooms with memorable names

Suddenly it becomes easier to navigate around the office when rooms have names like “Bo Jio” and “Into the Rabbit’s Hole”, as compared to “Room MR01-02”


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